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  Textile Division

Brief History

A  well known name in the spinning industry, we have grown strength to strength since last five decades to be one of the admired producers of yarn in the country. With a total installed capacity of 1.30 lacs Spindles spread over two locations i.e. in West Bengal and Punjab, we offer a wide range of specialized varieties of grey, melange and dyed yarns in cotton, polyester, acrylic, viscose, modal and their blends.

Product Range

We offer the very wide range of spun yarn manufactured from natural as well as synthetic fibre, both grey and dyed in count range of NE 10 to NE 50. Apart from common varieties we are also making specialized and effect yarn.

Melange Yarn Speciality Yarn Solid Dyed Raw white
100% Cotton Coloured Neppy Melange 100% Viscose Poly/Cotton Any Blend
100% Polyester Jaspe Yarn / Siro Yarn 100% Polyester  
100% Viscose Snow Heather 100% Acrylic 100% Acrylic (non-bulk)
100% Modal Injection yarn Polyester / Cotton Jaspe Yarn
Multi Blends Flex Feel Melange Acrylic / Polyester Injection Slub Yarn
Cotton / Viscose Jaspe with Neppy Polyester / Viscose Other Fancy Yarn
Cotton / Modal Jaspe With Slub Yarn Slub Yarn in any blend  
Poly / Cotton Jaspe Snow Yarn    
Acrylic / Polyester      
Injection Slub      


We have the following Certifications/registrations

  • Better Cotton Initiative

  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100

  • Organic Certification from GOTS

The Quality

We always aim at producing yarns of the highest international standards. To materialize our aim, we give top priority for the quality at all levels, right from the selection of raw material to finishing stage. We procure cotton from selected and approved ginning units and continuously scrutinize our vendors for sourcing best quality of raw material. Our blow rooms are equipped with blendomate and contamination sorter and the autoconers are equipped with Uster electronic yarn cleaners and with colour sensors to minimize contamination.

Not only customer's satisfaction, we aim at customer's delight and we direct all our investments and efforts towards fulfilling our aim. Besides investing in incremental building of our state-of-the art infrastructure, we believe in continual self-improvement.

Investments in sophisticated quality control instruments from world renowned manufacturers like Zellweger USTER are an integral part of our policies to implement Total Quality Assurance. We are equipped with the ultra-modern testing instruments like USTER AFIS, USTER CLASSIMAT (UT-5), USTER TENSOJET (UTR-4).

State-of-the-art machinery

ne cannot achieve quality in deliverables with improper tools and tackles. In quest for improving the quality of our yarns, we have installed unmatched machineries from Lakshmi - Reiter, Trutzschler, Schlafhorst, Savio, Murata, Zelllweger Uster, all of whom are niche players in their respective domains. Humidification system plays a very important role in the quality and we have installed state-of-the-art humidification system from Aesa air engineering (LTG). The slub attachments from Amsler, the world leader, give perfect slub quality. 

Manufacturing Locations

1.     GIS Cotton Mill : TThe unit started in the 60s is located beautifully on the banks of river Hooghly, barely 30 Kms. from Kolkata. The unit has the installed capacity of 67,000 Spindles with State-of-Art infrastructure. The unit is equipped with fibre dying capacity of 11 MT/day predominantly dying synthetic fibres.

o    Product range: Although the unit is equipped to produce all types of yarn but over the period it has established itself as one of the preferred suppliers of Polyester Cotton Blended yarn, 100% Acrylic dyed yarn and Acrylic/Polyester blended dyed yarn. 

2.     North India Spinning Mill : The unit is strategically located in Punjab, the cotton growing State and at 30 Kms. from Ludhiana, the heart of the Knitting Industry in India. Equipped with the cutting edge technology, the unit with 65,000 Spindles produces world class yarn.

The unit has a capacity of dying 15 MT/day of Synthetic fibre or 5 MT/day of Raw Cotton & Cotton yarn.

  • Product Range : The unit is equipped to produce all types of melange, dyed and grey yarn but the unit specializes in the production of all types of melange and dyed yarn and our quality parameters in these varieties are treated as benchmark by the Market. The unit also specializes in production of all types of fancy yarns and constant thurst is given for development of new variety yarn. We understand the need of quickest development of customised shades and the fastest sampling to our customers and always endeavour to ensure timely supply of the best quality yarn to the customers.

MARKET: Our yarn marketed through a strong and well knitted marketing network is well accepted in both domestic and international Market.

  • Domestic : We have a dominant presence in the domestic market with marketing network at all the textile markets spread across the length and width of the country. The network looks after the needs of the regional customer thereby cutting the time and the expenses of communication.

  • International :  We have made our presence felt in the overseas market by consistently delivering yarns of superlative standards to global clientele. Quality-conscious and discerning customers from countries like Bangladesh, China, Colombia, Egypt, Korea, Vietnam, Morocco, Peru, Mauritius, Mexico etc., continue to admire our yarns.




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