Tea Division

Tea Division

GILLANDERS is one of the foremost producers of Assam & Dooars quality tea. Our garden stretches from the foothills of the Himalayas to the banks of the Brahamputra producing that magic brew - TEA. The Company today comprises of 6 factories and 8 gardens spread over 3100 hectares. We manufacture around 10 Million kgs tea comprising of CTC, Orthodox & Green tea. We have the best machines available in the industry and follow the Good Agricultural and manufacturing practices in the field, which are managed by the professionals. All gardens are ISO 22000:2018 and Trustea certified.

In the year 2014 we acquired 100% stake of Naming'omba Tea Estates Limited (NTEL) Thyolo, Malawi Africa, which produces finest CTC Tea and Macadamia nuts. For more information, please visit our website www.namingomba.com.


Tea Garden

  • 1 Arun Tea Estate
  • 2 Betjan Tea Estate
  • 3 Dooria Tea Estate
  • 4 Gairkhata Tea Estate
  • 5 Gorunga Tea Estate
  • 6 Taipoo Tea Estate
  • 7 Borkatonee Tea Estate
  • 8 Dherai Tea Estate


Betjan Tea Estate is one of the highly reputed Tea Estates in Assam and produces superior quality tea adored by tea-lovers across the globe. Betjan, along with its division Khorijan, produces the finest quality tea in the region that forms the delectable cuppa in many a households. The superiority of Betjan's tea has been acknowledged by Tea Board, the apex body of tea industry in India. Betjan has bagged the coveted Tea Board awards several times.

The Tea Estate is just 3 Km away from the Makum Junction railway station in the Doom Doom circle in Tinsukia district of Assam. In order to further improve the quality of the tea, the older sections of the Garden have been replanted with clones of superior variety in a phased manner. This has resulted in even better quality of tea that the tea-lovers can savour upon. Betjan along with Khorijan manufactures 1.25 million kgs of tea and have a total grant area of 662.03 hectares. The Tea Estate is well equipped to produce both 100% CTC as well as Orthodox tea.

Dooria Tea Estate produces one of the best quality CTC in the country. Dooria tea estate is well-equipped with all processing facilities. DOORIA inherently has a blend of superior quality clones which are viewed with utmost distinctions in the market.

It has a successful blend of quality as well as cropping clones consisting of teas with ideal age profile. It has won consistent accolades throughout the country. Dooria Tea estate has a total grant area of 920.75 hectares and produces 2 million Kgs of teas annually.

Gorunga Tea Estate
Gorunga Tea Estate has undergone extensive uprooting and replanting to improve the quality and yield of the estate. It has a total grant area of 422.98 hectares and produces around 1.00 million Kgs of tea annually.

Borkatonee Tea Estate
Borkatonee Tea Estate has total grant area of 525.18 hectares. The estate do not have any processing facilities and all the green leaf harvested are processed by the sister gardens in the districts.

Assam's Sonitpur district host some of the most reputed tea estates in the country. Arun Tea Estate provides a rare combination of leaf and liquor and give a refreshing start in the morning and will give you a feeling of rejuvenation in the evening. Arun tea estate has a total grant area of 520.62 hectares and produces 1.135 million Kgs of teas annually.

Dherai Tea Estate
Dherai Tea Estate has a total grant area of 214.07 hectares. The garden has high yielding clones with superior quality. The garden does not have any processing facilities and hence, all green leaf harvested are processed by Arun tea estate.

When you enter the Dooars area, Gairkhata Tea Estate is the first one that you come across. The garden is highly reputed for its superior quality CTC teas. Gairkhata along-with its division Hindupara produce the finest quality of Dooars variety of tea.

Gairkhata along with Hindupura has a grant area of 1069.16 hectares and produces 2.00 million kgs of tea annually.

TaipooTea Estate, the century-old estate at the foothills of Bagdogra has lived up to its reputation for so many years. The estate is located on the riverbank of Tepu. It has a total grant area of 388.89 hectares and produces 1.60 million kgs. of tea annually.

Loose Tea Domestic
The teas are sold through private channel as well as through public auction. We have developed a strong presence in the domestic market by supplying consistent good quality of tea to the customer. Apart from that we supply directly to big blenders, which helps in strengthening the market for our product.

Packet Tea Division
We have our packing facilities at Arun tea and are updated with latest machines. Apart from that we also have a tie-up with dedicated vendor in Kolkata to facilitate packing. We bring packet tea to you keeping in mind your varying requirement and preferences. Finest quality blended teas are available in 1 Kg, 500 gms, 250 gms, 100 gms and 50 gms polythene packs & duplex box to. Pick up the one you need and your teacup has never got such a better companion. Apart from that we have experience of packing & supplying tea by means of institutional sale and private lable.

Gillanders Arbuthnot & Co. Ltd is a registered Star Export House certified by Government of India - Ministry of Commerce & Industry. We produce excellent quality teas at our tea gardens in Assam and Dooars and export bulk and packet teas to various countries including the UK, Europe, Germany, Japan, USA, UAE, Iran and Russia. Our teas are MRL compliant. All our estates are ISO 22000 - 2018 and Trustee certified. We are in a position to export any type of teas required and in any form of exports - Bulk in Original, Bulk in blended form in paper sacks or cardboard cartons as well as teas in packets and tea bags.

In the quest to increase our market share and be a global player, we have acquired tea estates in Malawi, through our wholly owned subsidiary, Gillanders Holdings (Mauritius) Limited, Maurtius. The operating Company located in Malawi is Naming'omba Tea Estates Limited (NTEL) and is Situated in Thyolo Districts of the Southern Highlands of Malawi, NTEL started growing tea in the year 1931 and it is one of the oldest companies in Malawi which manufactures black tea.

Currently, NTEL is growing tea on over 1300 hectors of land and processed black CTC tea. At present company produce 2.6 million Kgs of black tea per year on a modernized factory.

NTEL also produces macadamia. Production of macadamia in Malawi was introduced in the year 1968 and spread on 700 hectors. Processing plant was commissioned in the year 1978 and modernized in 2015 to produce raw and roasted macadamia nuts.

Macadamia can be consumed raw or roasted and raw nuts are used mostly for confectioneries.

Macadamia nuts are produced under modernized factory and 95% of the nuts are exported to the United Kingdom, Europe and the United States of America..